Build Backyard Basketball Court Without Concrete

Build Backyard Basketball Court Without Concrete- The very first thing to consider is the type of court that you would like to have in your home. Outdoor basketball courts come in two different options. The first one is to build outdoor basketball courts that are permanent or just go with temporary outdoor courts without concrete.

The commonly used surface for outdoors is concrete and asphalt but nowadays turf like materials have been introduced and are very popular because they don’t need too much maintenance and it also wears off harder. Color is one thing you won’t have to worry about too much because no matter what color you choose you will easily find it or it will be mixed for you very quickly.

Build Backyard Basketball Court Without Concrete

Before your backyard basketball court is professionally installed, you should always make inquiries about the common dimensions for a full-court basketball configuration. By doing such an investigation, you will be able to establish how large of a court can be installed in the available space. Ask yourself how much space do you have, but be realistic in your plans.

Some basketball courts are being built in sport centers, commercial complexes and school gyms or simply for business purposes. You might think that having limited space can stop you from building such court but that is completely not true because floating basketball courts can easily be placed over any existing court and at the same time they can be easily removed after the game. You might not know this but floating floors are used even by professional NBA and WNBA teams.

If you will choose permanent outdoor courts, what will happen is that you have a lasting court on your driveway. This makes your outdoor court a permanent one. Your driveway or yard will have a tall pole installed with boards that will serve as your goal.

You have another option if you are not into the idea of permanent outdoor courts; your option is to purchase the portable goals that you can assemble at home. With this, you just have to assemble them whenever you like to play and just disassemble it after. In this way, you can bring back the original look of your driveway or yard.

You can use basketball flooring outdoor :

How to install a Multi-Game Athletic Court outside, without concrete! See how we removed the need for concrete and asphalt sub-base construction by using our base panel system in this backyard basketball court installation. You can build a backyard basketball court over the span of just a couple tiles or a plastic polymer mix over a concrete slab or without a slab.