10 Ideas To Decorate A Small Living Room Feel Spacious on Tight Budget

10 ideas to decorate small living room feel spacious

Naturally, you will want an ideal living room to stand out, yet still match up well with the rest of your house. In addition, you will want a living room to be comfortable for you and those you invite to your home. But, you don’t want furnishing this room to break your budget either.

Your living room is used for relaxation, family time and a place to entertain friends. Use these tips to decorate your living room and create a space that is perfect for you and your family.

10 ideas to decorate small living room feel spacious

How your living room looked like tells about your personality, your lifestyle, and your taste. This is the reason why many families are willing to spend money on hiring an interior designer just to make the arrangement of their house compliment their family’s personality, lifestyle, and taste.

When choosing living room furniture sets, quality should come before price. However, if you are on a tight budget, as many of us are, you should try to get the best you possibly can within the constraints of your budget.

Use these affordable expert strategies to decorate a living room that looks great and lives beautifully.

Tip to Decorate Small Living Room Without Breaking Your Budget

1. Avoid Curtains To Create A Natural Light

Natural Light Small Spaces Living Room
Furniture: Mid Century Modern Tufted Fabric Sofa

If your living room is particularly small, use natural lighting to add an airy, spacious feel to the room. Swap dark and heavy curtains for light ones. Try to keep them open as often as possible to let that natural light in.

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2. Select the right seating

Small Living Room Chaise Secttional
Grace Contemporary Fabric Chaise Sectional With Button Accents

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, sometimes large pieces of furniture can be the perfect solution to a small living room.

Rather than trying to squeeze in a sofa, loveseat, and chair, one sectional can provide adequate seating and take up less space.

Make sure to take measurements of your living room so that you can get a sectional that fits perfectly. For small rooms, we recommend angled sectionals or chaise sectionals.

A chaise sectional is a great option if one side of the sectional will be exposed to a different room rather than a wall because it won’t cut off the line-of-sight between the two rooms.

3. Add A Tall Bookshelf

Contemporary Style Solid Wood Five Shelves Corner Bookshelf

Make use of empty corners and add a floor to ceiling bookshelf. This will give you tons of extra storage and double as decor while taking up minimal space.

4. Adding Mirror

mirror small living room
Pebble Contemporary Espresso Mirror

Mirrors amplify both space and light, making them ideal for giving breathability to a small space. Place your mirror strategically to fulfill your goal, whether it’s to act as a statement centerpiece, deflect sightlines from crowded areas or opposite windows to brighten a naturally dark area.

5. Put An Adjustable Table

small living room adjustable coffee table
Wood Lift Top Storage Coffee Table

An adjustable table is a perfect way to add space to a small living room or a dining room. Invest in a table that can go lower, giving you multiple options.

It has two solid mid-sections that opens and lifts to use as a computer or writing desk with easy access to the hidden storage space below.

6. Gallery Wall

wall art decor living room
Printable Wall aRt Decor for Living Room

Creating a gallery wall of pictures is a good way to keep art on your wall in a small space without the room looking too cluttered. You can use paintings, photographs, or anything else you can think of.

7. Stay Minimal

minimal side table for small space corner
Side table small living room

Keep in mind that a living room doesn’t always need a couch. If you mostly need a place to read or work, go for a comfy chair and functional table to create a space that gives you more room and fits your needs.

8. Add Lighting

spotlight wall art small space
Wall Art Spot Light

Spotlights can create the illusion of space. They can also be used to highlight your paintings and pictures. Consider using a white spotlight for a minimalist effect.

9. Clear Coffee Table

Glass Coffee Table Small Living Room
Glass Coffee Table Small Living Room

A clear coffee table can really help make your room feel a little bit bigger. For a modern look, add a few pops of color and tuck some cube-shaped stools underneath in case you need additional seating.

10. Small Pattern Rug

small pattern rug for small space
Small Pattern Rug for Small Living Room

A rug with a small pattern or a neutral print will add space to your room. However, you should avoid larger prints or bright colors, as they can make your living room look smaller or more cramped.