6 Creative Beds Design for Small Room with Many Activities

If you have a small bedroom, finding the place of a bed in the bedroom is one of the most difficult tasks. Larger beds mean little space to walk around and even less for other furniture. Even worse, a traditional bed makes all the space above and below the bed useless.

Whether you have a small room or want to use the space of a large room, here are some ideas for small beds. These open the room by lifting the beds off the floor and adding storage space and other creative options.

Lofted Bed and Working Space

A narrow room should not be a reason to be low in creativity. You can use furniture design where the bed has another function as a workspace but is placed in a unique location, which is above the cabinet and storage.

Stackable Bed

Stackable Bed for Small Space
Stacked bed from Malcolm Davis Architecture

Small beds can use a smaller space with stackable bed options. An example is the bed above, with another double mattress that slides under the first mattress. It is a great choice if you tend to have company. The headboard is also doubled to reveal additional space and a small table space, ideal for laptops.

As a side note, the drawing above shows how some blankets and creative sheets can be added to the design. Text sheets printed on the bottom and bright orange covers on the top add some visual interest to the space.

Stacking Bed for Three People

three stacked bed
More spesification of this bunk bed for three people.

When you occupy a narrow room, but must be in one room up to two or three people, then you need to use a type of bunk bed that can be shifted on the bottom of the mattress to provide flexibility in movement.

Multi Function Bed

multifunction bed for small room
Detail specification of this many form bed

Multi-function is the right term if you have a limited space but have a variety of important activities in the narrow room.

So mattresses with many features can even be changed according to their needs, which can be used to study, work and rest is the choice.

Bed Wall

Bed and Cupboard on the wall for spacious space
One way to make a small room feel spacious is to use unique furniture like this bed and cupboard on the wall. Where you can take advantage of a mattress from Costco that has a unique shape in the form of a combination of beds and cabinets.

You can use the cupboard when backed up on a wall, and use the mattress when the bed is lying down on the floor.

Cabinet Wall Bed

cabinet wall bed

guest room bed small space

Beds that blend with the cabinet so that they still look elegant and neat.

Even though it has a narrow space, you can still have an elegant room both to relax, rest, work or receive guests. Even this type of folding bed that has a cabinet is more suitable when placed in a multi-function guest room as the second living room.