How To Carpet Basement Stairs

How To Carpet Basement Stairs

There is not much you can do with them other than install carpeting. Carpeted basement stairs add warmth to the basement. Best flooring choice for basement stairs – wood or carpet This assumes you already have wood on the steps (even if it’s underneath the carpet.

How To Carpet Basement Stairs

Your first consideration is the basement stairway itself. This is primarily an aesthetic consideration. Do you have an enclosed stairway such as a back stairway of a kitchen or back hall? Beautiful woodwork can be hidden beneath carpet while at the same time a well-installed carpet can hide building imperfections. Your basement carpet choices would be very different for each of these situations.

Your next consideration would one of functionality. What kind of wear and tear will the basement carpet get on the staircase? Is the staircase a high traffic area or is it only used a few times a day? How often will you have to clean the carpet? Do you have small children? You may want your carpet to provide cushion on stairs that a small child will have access to.

Installation and Maintenance would be your next considerations. A single piece of basement stairs carpet that covers both the riser and the floor could be what you want, although pieces of carpet just on the tread allow more of the wood to show. Your carpet will need to be vacuumed on a regular basis and the wood will need to be cleaned. Your carpet choice can affect these maintenance tasks.

If you can’t choose between carpet and wood to cover your stairs, choose both! A runner gives you the beauty of wood as well as the decorative and practical benefits of carpeting. Install one on your stairs with this DIY step-by-step.

Alternative Choise Carpet Basemsent Stairs

Using Composite Anti-Slip Stair Tread 48 in. Grey Step Cover

Composite Anti-Slip Stair Tread 48 in. Grey Step Cover

You can use anti-slip material like this.

2. Diamond Square Nose Stair Tread

Diamond Square Nose Stair Tread


3. Rubber Back Stair Tread Cover

Rubber Back Stair Tread Cover


Whatever your specific needs are in regard to carpeting your staircase some thought about what your needs are in the above-mentioned areas before you make your purchase will help you top feel good about the carpet you end up with and how it meets both your design and functional needs