How To Make Bunk Beds Safe For Toddlers


How To Make Bunk Beds Safe For Toddlers

Make sure to reinforce bunk bed safety rules regularly. Go over the rules whenever your child has a friend sleep over. Never assume that they
However, cautious parents have safety concerns. What are the In this article, we’ll answer the question, “Are bunk beds safe for kids?”.

When you get a bunk bed, be sure to sit down with your child to discuss safety. Explain to him that children sometimes get seriously hurt on bunk beds, and ask,
Learn how to keep your kids safe when they are sleeping in a bunk bed. Also And make sure that your child’s bunk bed hasn’t been recalled.

Following these safety tips will ensure that your child doesn’t become When you’re at home putting the bunk bed together, make a point of
Speak to your children about the risks and identify clear safety rules where bunk beds are concerned. Make sure your child is taught how to use bunk beds

It’s a detachable bed guard from IKEA for £10. Just clamps to the side of the bunk (had to turn the clamps round the “wrong” way so there was a
We want families to keep bedtime safe and happy. Also, do not place bunk beds near windows which have cord operated blinds – it is safer

Every bunk bed must have an affixed label that states the bed’s The Consumer Product Safety Commission also warns that children younger